Coolsculpting Cost: What you should expect to be paying for Coolsculpting

The Biggest Question: How Much Does Coolsculpting Cost?

So you’ve done your research and found out if Coolsculpting works for you.  Now the question what is the cost of Coolsculpting and is this something you are going to be able to afford.

There is no single answer to the cost of Coolsculpting as each particular procedure on every person may be a bit different.  Some people may require more than one treatment, different body parts may cost more than others.  Through this website, we will try to cover all area of Coolsculpting costs to give you the best estimate of these procedures.

Also, keep in mind that the geographical area and the particular doctor who is performing the Coolsculpting will definitely determine the cost as well.  You can use the information here to decide whether the price you are offered comes close to the average costs listed here.

You will find that Coolsculpting is cheaper than liposuction surgery and many other fat reducing treatments.  You will also most likely find it to be much more effective with little to no side effects.

Please note that health insurance will not cover Coolsculpting as it is classified as strictly cosmetic.

The Average Coolsculpting Price

According to, the average cost of Coolsculpting is $2,100.  This estimate is determined based on 735 reviews over the past 24 months.  These prices were entered from the general public along with their reviews and descriptions of their experience with Coolsculpting.

Another article we found listed out ballpark ranges of the cost of Coolsculpting based on what body area.  These estimates also consider the size of the applicator used for the treatment.

Treating upper abs and area between the ribs and hip with the small applicator: $700–$800
Treating lower abdominal area with large applicator: $1200–$1500
Treating upper and lower abdominal areas, including love handles: $2500–$3000
Treating love handles (flanks) only: $1300–$1500

Does Coolsculpting Work The First Time?

For most people, the first treatments of Coolsculpting did show results.  Some reviews may be deceiving because some were expecting instant results.  It does take 3-4 weeks for the fat cells to completely eliminate from your body.

Some people have more stubborn fat cells than others.  For these patients, in many cases, second or third treatments are suggested, but not required.  This may or may not raise the cost of Coolscupting for these particular patients.  This would be determined on your doctor.

Should I seek out the cheapest Coolsculpting in my area?

When you are looking for a life-changing treatment such as Coolsculpting there should be many other factors besides just how much does coolsculpting cost.  You should research your local doctors and try to find others in your area who have experience with the local plastic surgeons and clinics.

There may be a reason why this particular doctor is offering the cheapest Coolscupting around, and it may not be a favorable reason for you.

However, Coolscupting is a fairly new concept and a local doctor may want to build his references and clientele.  In this case, you may want to take advantage and save on the low cost of Coolscupting being offered.