Answering a Coolsculping review email from Emily, a Coolsculpting patient, it reads, “Dr. Blair I have been thinking about CoolSculpting from my belly but I have red mixed reviews about the procedure being effective what are your thoughts?”

In this article we will be sharing the five things you need to know before considering CoolSculpting.

CoolSculpting is an effective modality for permanent non-surgical fat reduction there has been 1.3 million treatment performed worldwide and over 40 peer-reviewed Journal article exists supporting it. A recent study showed an 86% patient satisfaction with visible fat reduction after just one treatment. 89% of patients would recommend CoolSculpting to a friend. so why did a website where patient independently rate their procedures showed 69% of the people said it was worth it. Did it not work on 31% of the people? why did a full show of their expectations?

The procedure, under the right circumstances, does work, but is very dependent on the knowledge and experience of the technician. The most important thing you can do is pick the right place.

The 5 things you need to know before undergoing CoolSculpting are:

Are you a good candidate?

A knowledgeable clinician or technician can tell you if you are a good candidate for a coolsculpting procedure.

What makes a good candidate?


The first thing you have to do is figure out what type of fat you have. Generally speaking there are two types of fat. There is visceral fat which is located underneath the muscle. This is a firm, deep fat that is not really able to be pinched.

This is unlike the Subcutaneous fat that lives right underneath the skin. This is soft, pinchable fat. There are many options for treating this type of fat.

For visceral fat the only real solution to getting rid of it is a good diet and exercise.

For Subcutaneous fat there are more options. Yes, diet and exercise work for some people. If you are willing to undergo surgery, liposuction is a viable option. For a non-surgical option, Coolsculpting, or even Zerona, could work.

Check out

It is important you find out everything you need to know about Coolsculpting. Here you can look over many reviews and also see what you need to know about doctors and clinicians before even walking into a Coolsculpting office.

Coolsculpting University Certified

Coolsculpting CertificationThere is an extensive, multi-day training that teaches advanced Coolsculpting techniques called Coolsculpting University. Make sure that the office staff you are being treated by has graduated. You can find out by looking on the website or looking for the diploma in their office. You can also simply ask them when inquiring.

Does the office have the coolsculpting applicator I need?

The Coolsculpting machine is a large, free-standing unit with multiple attachments that are designed specifically for different areas of the body.

Make sure the center you’re going to has the appropriate attachment for the area you are trying to target.

There are currently five different applicators of the machine. The Cool Core is used for the abdomen. The Cool Curve is used for the sides and flanks. The Cool Fit which is typically used for the inner thigh. The Cool Max is a larger applicator used more for debulking. The Cool Smooth is probably the most technique sensitive and is used for the outer thighs.

Coolsculpting Cost

The price of Coolsculpting is fixed, and changes according to how many areas you are being treated for. The only discount permitted is one based on treating more than two areas. As the treatment areas increase, so does the savings.

In summary, you should expect good results and share good Coolsculpting reviews if you are a good candidate by body type. If the facility you are going to is experienced in the particular treatment you should have no problems.

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