It Involves Minimal Discomfort and Can Have Profound Effects on the Fat

The Coolsculping technology has constantly been evolving and now there is the CoolMini Applicator which targets the “Double Chin”.  This procedure is quick, painless, and, most importantly, effective.  The fat cells under the chin can be some of the most stubborn no matter how much we exercise or diet.  Finally, a solution.

Coolsculpting Mini Applicator

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Non-invasive CoolSculpting Procedure With Newly FDA Cleared CoolMini Applicator Reduces Stubborn “Double Chin” Fat in an Hour Visit

Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, Dermatologist and Director of the Connecticut Skin Institute, is one of the first physicians nationwide to offer the newly FDA cleared CoolMini handpiece, a new applicator for the CoolSculpting procedure which allows the removal of submental fat (double chin). The procedure is entirely non-invasive, with little to no recovery time, no surgery and minimal risks. Optimal results can be achieved in as few as one to two treatments. More information is available at

CoolSculpting is well-proven technology developed by two dermatologists at Harvard Medical School. It involves minimal discomfort, and can have a modest to profound effect on the fat in treated areas. The technology sounds too good to be true but is backed up by research performed at Massachusetts General Hospital. We will use the CoolMini applicator to treat unwanted double chin fat. Our center is also one of the few offices in the country that is busy enough to use two CoolSculpting devices, thus allowing us to treat patients in as efficient a manner as possible. This is the reason the company has selected our practice to be one of the first to offer this new treatment option,” says Dr. Omar Ibrahimi, Director, Connecticut Skin Institute/

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